What is Bugzilla C3PO?

Bugzilla is server software designed to help you manage software development.

C3P0 is a PHP script for filing multiple bugs at once wih Bugzilla? by setting a parameters such as locale(language). It saves you time when filing those pesky bugs.

You can find it here,


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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. has a new default template

The latest news from is the new skin, or the new default template if you prefer the technical term. The look at feel of the site has been enhanced and updated, giving users readability as well as something fun and new in design. Every time the folks at create a new default template, the results are pleasant to the eye as well as practical. The folks at the Mozilla wiki produce skins based on their users’ needs, prioritizing a clean and legible look. True to form, this new default template is no exception.


Mozilla users who enjoy a personalized skin are often quick to choose one from the many popular themes available. Most of the popular themes are dark, focusing on space, stars, or underwater colors to minimize energy use and maximize the ease of use. The new default template is designed with all kinds of users in mind, with the hope that with a somewhat neutral, but clearly Mozilla themed color scheme, wiki users will find the site easy to use as well as easy on the eyes.


Mozilla wiki users will find the new skin available online now, and users who remember the previous default skins will be pleasantly surprised with this latest change. The default templates of the past have also focused more on ease of use rather than flashy or stunning graphics, and the new default skin is no exception. But everyone enjoys an update, at least once in a while, and users will find that the new default template provides a fresh face with a sensible and thoughtful visual scheme. If you have been looking forward to a change at, the new default template has arrived. Take the time to check it out!